Moving most posts to other platforms

2012 September 30

I will be doing most of my posting now on the 21st Century facebook page, and Pinterest.  This site will stay up as a hub for all things 21st Century Sheep.  You can also follow me on twitter

Texting and Driving

2012 August 12

The New York Times has a new interactive game to gauge the effects of trying to read and send text messages while driving.  We frequently think of this as a teen issue but it is not, too many adults are also driving distracted.

Social media’s impact on personal relationships

2012 July 10

There is a great post over on ChurchMag.  They highlight the amount of time spent on social media and ask the question, How much is too much?  Check out the infographic and let me know what you think.

Should your Church Increase your Online Presence

2012 March 26

Here is an interesting article about a Church that makes great use of online media from the folks over at ChurchMag.

Presentations to youth at The Crossing event in South Dakota

2012 March 17

Here is one of the presentations I conducted last weekend.  This was a middle school retreat and there were approximately 170 youth present.  The organization was wonderful and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it.  The other presentations can also be found on SlideShare.